Call for Submissions

Ausschreibung für Textilkünstler

Fiber Art Now

Do you want to see YOUR work in the next issue of Fiber Art Now? Here is your chance!

Fiber Art Now, international quarterly magazine for contemporary fiber arts and textiles, announces a call for submission of works of fiber art for publication in the magazine’s Summer 2014 „On View“ feature. The theme of this collection is FROM FARM TO TABLE. You are invited to interpret this theme as literally or liberally as you like. Please take the time to read the instructions closely. Choose your best work appropriate for the topic.

Our editorial team will review all submissions received and may select your image to feature in the magazine. Your submission must include all of the following information (incomplete submissions or submissions that do not follow these guidelines will not be considered). Please email your submission to Feel free to share this opportunity with your colleagues.

Here are…

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